The head company of the group companies BS-Marine Ltd. was established in 2009, headquartered in China, Shandong Province, Weihai city, and currently having over 250 dealers all over Russia and CIS countries, with four operating regional warehouses with a constant stock of 2,500 PVC boats and 1,000 outboard motors each. In 2016 the company founded the SIA BS Marine company and started product distribution in Europe. Distribution office and logistic center are placed in Latvia, Riga.

Our manufacturing center is our factory company’s name is Weihai Black Sea Marine Co., which were founded in 2011 and are a 100% owned subsidiary of BS-Marine Ltd, located in the mainland of China, province of Shandong, in the city of Weihai.

Our factory is approximately 7000 square meters made up of two workshops, we currently employ over 75 professional workers, such as bonders, cutters, designers, and engineers. We have five years manufacturing experience and a reputation for high quality and competitive pricing.

Although the factory’s current capacity is over 15000 units per annum we have extensive opportunities to increase this amount at short notice. All our products are manufactured using raw materials that are known for the best quality and widely used throughout the world in the inflatable boat and SUP board manufacturing industry.

Our products are certified by CE (CE Mark - Conformité Européene). We are confident in the quality of our manufactured products that we provide to our customers, and we are proud of it.

We welcome you to cooperate with us!

We welcome companies engaged in the distribution of water-motor and outdoor products of the local markets to cooperation.

Currently, we are looking for distributors all around the world for our two brands such as:


  • PVC Inflatable boats
  • Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB) (Fiberglass, Aluminum)
  • Inflatable SUP boards

D7 Boards

  • Inflatable SUP Boards

We are ready to offer:

  • The highest level of product quality
  • Extensive model range
  • Flexible pricing policy
  • Various terms of payment
  • Marketing
  • Warranty and post-warranty support

Our OEM services:

    As an OEM manufacturer we can:
  • Manage any level of complexity and quantity
  • Manufacture to client deadlines to the highest quality
  • Manufacture at very competitive prices
  • Manufacturing in multiple materials
  • Manage most variations: Size and weight; Types of graphics

In 2016 the company started product distribution in Europe. Our European distribution head office and logistics center are placed in Riga, Latvia.

Our mission is to remove the complexity and challenge of finding the right resources and provide our clients with solutions that make sense for their unique business. We know every client is different, and we work with you to understand your wants and needs to create a relationship that works for you.

Whether you own a small shop or manage chain shop, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs best. In addition to providing personalized service, we aim to build and strengthen lifelong partnerships where both sides are in a win-win situation.

Our vision is to provide everyone from leisure seeking beginners to professional athletes with the world’s best SUP equipment

Our mission every customer is satisfied with the products and cooperation

Our values Our love for the work that we do allows us to achieve more than expected, we challenge ourselves always to grow better and never stop at "good enough."

Our work is based on paying close attention to each and every detail. All raw materials that we use are the highest quality. We pay special attention not only to our product but also to way to communicate with all involved. We want to raise the quality of life for all of us which are involved. Yes, each and every detail counts.

Our main advantages:

  • During the season, we maintain a constant stock of the Gladiator boats, Gladiator iSUP boards and D7 boards of all models.
  • Shipment will be organized directly from a warehouse in Latvia, which will allow our clients receive the goods within 5-7 days anywhere in Europe.
  • Buying products from us mean that you don't have to overpay to a local distributor, we give you the opportunity to buy our products at a price like directly from our factory, but which already stockpiled in our Europe warehouse.
  • We are giving warranty on all our supplied products.
  • In the case of an agreement, we provide advertising support

We are glad to cooperate with all retail dealers in the region.

Russian distribution division founded in 2011. During five years has built a network of more than 250 active dealers in all regions of Russia and CIS countries.

Currently Russian division includes:

  1. Four operating regional warehouses with a constant stock of 2,500 PVC boats and 1,000 outboard motors each.
  2. Five authorized service centers for repair and warranty service.
  3. A team of specialists in logistics, management, and sales support.

Guided by the views of end-users, we are working to improve the performance of our products, adapting it to the requirements of each region. Every year we are expanding the range of products aiming to meet modern trends and the growing demands of our customers. Together with our partners, we implement our marketing strategy, conducting, sponsoring and participating in exhibitions, fishing competitions, and other various outdoor activities placing advertising in the most effective media and Internet resources.

It is important to note that our brand GLADIATOR is by far one of the most popular and recognizable brands in Russia and is in the top 3 regarding sales statistics.

Company History

  • Foundation of the BS-Marin Ltd., in Russian Federation. The company begins to implement the wholesale supply of PVC boats under the own brand Gladiator, and outboard motors to the Russian market. Opens two retail own stores and starts building a dealer network in Russia.
  • Sales of the first year amounted to 700 PVC boats and dealer network has been risen to 40 dealers in Russia.
  • Our manufacturing center is the own factory named Weihai Black Sea Marine Co. Ltd, which were founded in 2011 and are a 100% owned subsidiary of BS-Marine Ltd, located in the mainland of China, province of Shandong, in the city of Weihai. After the settlement of the production, sales has been increased up to 1,500 boats.
  • Active expansion of the dealer network on the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS, to the end of 2014 the network consisted of more than 200 active dealers throughout Russia. Sales reached 8,000 units of PVC boats of the season. Gladiator brand has become one of the most famous and popular PVC boats in Russia. Starts of production of inflatable SUP boards for own brand GLADIATOR.
  • Expansion of boats production. Moving to the new building, with the area of 7000m2. The amount of factory workers risen to 75 people. Enlargement of the model ranges of PVC boats. The launch of production of RIB boats with welded aluminum hull. OEM production of boats and SUP for some brands from Europe and the United States.
  • Run of an own assembly line of two-stroke outboard motors of small power 5 and 15 hp. Launching of a new brand of inflatable SUP boards called D7 Boards in the premium segment. The signing of a distribution agreement with Brunswick Marine, of Mercury outboard motors distribution in Russia.
  • The opening of the European division of the company and a distribution logistics center in Latvia.
  • 1. Expansion of the distibutor network all around the world.
    2. Development of the dealer's network on the territory of the EU.
    3. Extend range line of outboard motors.

Our team

Since the manufacturing of inflatable boats, inflatable stand up paddle boards and rigid inflatable boats is the highly specialized manufacturing area, the specialist's pool is not very extensive, and despite this, we conduct the strict selection of experts to keep our high level of quality.

Our workers have rich experience of more than 5 years in the industry of inflatables, have a deep understanding of quality standards, and which is daily controlled by team leaders in the production chain. It is also important to mention that all the workers are accustomed to working in a tight time framework that allows us to strictly control the deadlines.

Business Development Manager at SIA BS Marine (European division)
Head Manager at BS Marine (Russian Division)