G 10.8 PRO

GLADIATOR PRO 10’8’’ is a universal model for those who need maximum stability and comfort, without loss of main characteristics, as well as for heavier riders. With this board you can travel and take your cargo with you, surf, do yoga or gymnastics as well as float through the violent rivers – with this board everything is possible. It is suitable for riders weighing 100+ kg. In the collection of the 2018 the PRO series boards are made of Dropstich manufactured using the latest technology on a machine-woven basis, the board made of this material has an increased stiffness due to a larger number of threads in the base and a light weight, about 20% lighter than the boards made using lamination technology. Each board is equipped with paddles of premium class plastic/carbon and has a convenient bag with wheels for transportation. General Information and Warranty
Model G10.8 PRO
Construction Double-Wall 1,4mm (3250g/m2) + Double-layered sidewalls – inner layer 0,52mm (600g/m2) + outer layer 0,7mm (850g/m2)
Lenght 10’8″ / 329 cm
Width 34″ / 86 cm
Thickness 6″ / 15 cm
Volume 296 litres
Weight 11 kg / 24,25 lbs
Rider Weight(kg) Up to 140 kg / 300 lbs
Packaging Box Dimensions (mm) 880*580*320
  • Board
  • Lightweight paddle,
  • High-pressure pump with gauge for measuring PSI,
  • Carrying bag.
It only takes a few minutes to inflate the board, and when pumped between 12 – 25 PSI, provides a high volume, stable platform that will glide well in flat water, and is also rigid enough to take in the surf.