G 9.6 PRO

G9.6PRO is a perfect choice for light-medium weight paddlers. Construction makes this an extremely reliable board, offering incredible rigidity and minimum distortion. Ideal for small waves yet remains a very versatile board for all round freeriding and cruising.

* MSL type of Double-Wall Drop-stitch involves fusing a second layer of PVC to the Double-Wall core at the raw material manufacturing stage.

General Information and Warranty

ModelG9.6 PRO
ConstructionMSL Double-Wall 1,4mm (3250g/m2) + Double-layered sidewalls – inner layer 0,52mm (600g/m2) + outer layer 0,7mm (850g/m2)
Lenght9’6″ / 292 cm

32″ / 79 cm
Thickness4″ / 10 cm
Volume200 litres
Weight9 kg / 19,84 lbs
Rider WeightUp to 80 kg / 180 lbs
Carton Dimensions880*580*320 mm

  • Board
  • Lightweight paddle,
  • High-pressure pump with gauge for measuring PSI,
  • Carrying bag.

It only takes a few minutes to inflate the board, and when pumped between 12 – 25 PSI, provides a high volume, stable platform that will glide well in flat water, and is also rigid enough to take in the surf.

It's a universal board stable for surfing and mountain river riding (white water). Also, it can be used as an all-round board for lighter riders. You’ll get the best out of it if you’re under 70kg, but that doesn’t exclude heavier riders. In fact, for heavier riders, the GU9’4” makes a great surf shape. It’s a great board for beginners, but it delivers a fantastic experience for more advanced riders, too.